Kerry Coddett [Cah-dit] is a New York- based comedian, actress, and writer.  

Born and raised in Brooklyn to Caribbean parents, Kerry draws comedic inspiration from her colorful surroundings and offers a uniquely unapologetic perspective that is both irreverent and insightful. Kerry is edgy and energetic, while still finding hilarious ways to skewer the status quo.  

This year, Kerry was crowned the winner of the Caroline’s on Broadway Comedy Madness Competition. Beating out 63 comedians, she was also the first woman to win! She can be seen as a cast member on MTV’s Joking Off, where The Interrobang touted her as a comedic force with "a gigantic stage presence who belongs on television." She’s also appeared on Tru TV’s new series Comedy Knockout and has been on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and Why? w/ Hannibal Burress, Huffington Post Live, and Essence Live.  She has performed at the New York Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival and Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. She has been a guest co-host on The Young Turks. She has also appeared on the Bennington Show (Sirius XM) and co-hosted Wake Up! w/ Taylor (Sirius XM) multiple times.  

Kerry has written viral articles for The Huffington Post and The Atlantic, and has also been featured in numerous publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, Elle.comBuzzfeed, and Salon, among others. Kerry has performed stand up at the New York Comedy Festival, The Brooklyn Comedy Festival and the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and she’s also the host of Brooklyn, Stand Up!!, a monthly stand up comedy show that has been listed in The Village Voice and the New York Times. She has also written and starred in her own sketch comedy web series, The Coddett Project.  

At the age of 19, Kerry’s intellect and determination granted her the accomplishment of graduating from CUNY Baruch College as a cum laude honoree with a B.A. in English and Psychology. Soon following, Kerry forwent a traditional job utilizing her degree and sought to pursue a career in performing arts as a comedic actress. When Kerry is not on stage telling jokes, she is finding ways to make real life just as exciting. This usually involves starting conversations with strangers which in some places it’s considered illegal. Kerry thinks not having a sense of humor should be illegal, too. Thank goodness Kerry is a comedian and not running for president.